Wow, this an awesome feature we’re proud to share with you today! In the new version of Connect, you can now create a new group and add several contacts at once.

Create a new group first

In the Groups tab, press on the plus icon in the NavBar to create a new group. Tap the name you want and start selecting the contacts you’d like to add in. Nota Bene: to change the list name, you can simply long press the list name and select “edit” in the coming pop-up.

Create a new group in Connect 2.2

Add several contacts at once

Then, select the contacts you want to add in the new group. Yes, now you can select several contacts at once so adding a lot of contacts in a group is faster than ever! You can scroll or search to go through the contacts.

Select several contacts at once in Connect 2.2

Next to the button Create, you’ll see the number of contacts you’re going to add to be sure you’re not missing someone. Creating new groups is now far more convenient, especially when you want to create groups with a large number of contacts.


Our users are really fans of this new feature, hopefully you’ll love it too! Feel free to reach us on TwitterFacebook or send us an email, we’d love to hear about the groups you create in Connect to manage your contacts.