Last week, we’ve reached the first 1,000,000 users sessions in about a year. The first part of the journey has already been amazing, and for sure there’s a lot more to come! During the past months, we had a lot of user interactions about how the app helps them to daily manage their contacts and about how we can improve it to make Connect the most convenient contact manager on mobiles.

Here’s a slideshare about what we’ve learned all along the way.

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The first 1,000,000 sessions

The first 1,000,000 sessions helped us to better understand what people worldwide expected of a great contact manager for iPhone. Step by step, we’ve improved – and we’re still doing – the app to make contact management really convenient, fast and enjoyable.

Users felt really enthusiastic with the app in their reviews like this one “I’m so obsessed with this contact app. Very thoughtful design! Great ease of use and convenience!” in the US AppStore. Based on 500+ reviews worldwide, Connect has been rated 4.6 stars on average.

What’s next?

We will definitely continue to improve Connect and we have good stuff coming this Fall. We still want more than ever to delight users with the most convenient contact manager they have ever installed on their mobiles.

Connect is free on the AppStore. Please, tell us how we can do better for you, we’d love to talk with you!