Dear Users,

Thank you very much for all your feedbacks, we’ve greatly improved Connect to make it more convenient for your contact management. Today, we’re very proud to introduce Connect 2.2.

Managing your groups is much more fast & enjoyable

  • Create directly a new group and select several contacts to add in at once.
  • Add or remove several contacts from a group in the “more actions” pop-up.
  • Navigate faster between groups and contacts with the new TabBar.
  • Write messages to groups and contacts in landscape mode.

Calling, adding, displaying & editing contacts is even easier

  • Directly dial with the all new dialer.
  • Make Facetime calls from the “more actions” pop-up.
  • Write all needed details when you’re adding a new contact.
  • Tap on a contact’s groups to select new ones or remove from others.
  • Display company names and job titles under your contacts’ names.
  • Add a prefix, suffix or middle name for your contacts in Settings.
  • Share now the VCard of a contact by message.

And in this version…

  • Select apps to open emails, addresses, URLs and Twitter accounts.
  • We brought UX improvements: swipes, alphabetical list, alerts and pictures.
  • We fixed some bugs: search, duplicates, contacts, positions, group messaging.
  • We significantly updated the application’s performances.
  • We rewrote some labels to make them clearer.


Hopefully you’ll love this new release of Connect! Feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or send us an email, we’d love to hear about you!

The update is available now, Connect for iPhone is free on the AppStore.