Thierry, Fencing Master in Rennes (France), shares tournaments results every weekend with all Club members. He’s using Connect for months to send group messages.

Group Messages every Sunday

With Connect, Thierry easily imported the contacts of his iPhone and created groups with all members who asked for results updates. On Sundays evenings, Thierry can deliver the news to all at once with group messages.

Unlike the app I used before, Connect is reliable and all messages are delivered quickly” said Thierry. His group has around 200 contacts and he happens to send 300 or 600 messages per weekend with results, depending how many competitions the Club takes part . With group messages, it’s fast and easy.

A win-win strategy for the Club

Thanks to messages sent every weekend, the Fencing Club has really improved its communication to all members. A lot of them are glat to know about results every week.

For Thierry, it proves that “the Club cares as much as amateurs as those who are competing“, and it’s a virtuous circle because “pros are proud and happy to get congratulations and encouragements of team members in return“.

The Club enhances its collective mindset!


Thanks to Thierry for sharing his enthusiasm and story about Connect with us.