With the new year come the great resolutions: the serious ones, the funny ones, the challenging ones, the realist ones, the dreamed one… Everyone has its own. So for 2015, if you planned to well-organize the contacts in your address book!

Resolution #1 : Family & Close Friends at your fingertips

Create several groups for your family – why not 2 groups, one for your close family and another for the “whole” family – and for the friends that you want to keep close to you because you contact them often or simply because you want to know that they’re close in your address book.

Resolution #2 : get the best for your Business

Customers, partners, investors, board, employees, ecosystem people… You probably have a ton – if not tons – of contacts related to your activity that can be filed away in different categories. To remain your business relationships in order throughout the year, create groups for each category to easily connect with all of them.

Resolution #3 : get in touch with old friends

On New Year’s Eve, we all get a ton of text messages, especially from old friends from who we have not so much news anymore. Create a group with all these old friends and plan to call them back to get some news. They will appreciate, and you too.

Resolution #4 : Try new restaurants

The transition to the new year is sometimes (often) the moment when you typically think about what you did and did not the past year, and plan what to do not to make the same “mistakes”. For example, you may want to go out more with friends and family. In this case, you definitely need to make a list of new restaurants and bars you want to try in your address book so you can book a reservation when you’re ready for.

Resolution #5 : be ready for any urgency

Last, but not least, keep a list of urgency numbers that could help in a distinct group so you can access  them quickly… When you’ll really need to!