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So, last week, we received an email from Michael who needed help sending a group message using Connect. As we are very curious, we wanted to know in which situation he needed to send group messages. Here’s the little story: “I manage a little league baseball team so it’s one way for me to communicate with all the parents rather than email.

In fact, Connect allows sending group messages to a list, or to a sub-list. So it can be really useful for coaches to contact children’s parents with these group messages. It can be both by texts and by emails. Then, Michael added that “texting is much more preferred than emails, especially when communicating 3-4 times per week on reminding everyone when games and practices are.” It’s true that a lot of people checked more often their messages than their emails. So to be sure that parents will receive the message, it’s probably safer to send a message rather than an email.

Then, Michael asked us about how group messages work: “When people respond, it just comes back to me and not the group. Is brag correct?” In fact, Connect helps you send group messages but not start conversations for now. However, it’ll be a good idea to enable coaches, for example, to discuss with parents: “It would be nice to keep everyone informed of other people’s responses.

Talking with Michael helped us to understand how we can improve our Connect app and how we can facilitate the sports team management.

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Special thanks to Michael who accepted to share this story with us and to publish it!

The Connect Team