Our feedbacks users help us to make a better app for you.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Laura who asked us this, “What about making it possible to create a new list directly from the tab list? The two behaviors can be used.” We explained to her that we wanted our first versions of the application to be simple and easy to use. Then, we discussed about her feedback on the app. We wanted to know a little more about her and how the application helps to manage her professional life.

Laura is a project manager and she immediately loved the lists system proposed in Connect. Indeed, you can organize your contacts as you like and sort your personal and professional contacts. You can create an unlimited number of lists and put into the list the number of contacts you want. “I immediately created lists as I absolutely adore this type of use no matter whether it’s an app or a website. What Connect brings which the iPhone app doesn’t is the list system. I can easily find my way in my various pro / personal contacts, according to the companies I work with etc… It allows me to save a lot of time, and it may seem small, but it makes my daily things really easier.

In addition, Connect not only allows creating your own lists but also sharing them with your contacts, whether family, friends or colleagues. In two clicks, share your lists via email or message. “As a project manager, sharing lists of contacts is also a full function which is very useful. For example, I may want to retrieve the lists of contacts from a co-brand X with whom we work, and thus no need to manually add these contacts or to recreate the list.” Obtain quickly and easily your colleagues’ lists!

Chatting with Laura helped us to understand how we can improve the management of professional contacts with Connect and how to implement such an additional way to create new lists in the app could be useful.

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Special thanks to Laura who accepted to share this story with us and to publish it!

The Connect Team