John owns a mover company. He manages a lot of employees, all organized in teams and based in different locations, which make removals for the company’s customers.

Moving Company


To well-drive his business, John needs to be connected with his teams every day on their mobiles because they are always moving. He needs to share quickly information with all of them – like updated time for pick up – to optimize routes and reduce unnecessary costs for the company.


John has created several groups in Connect for all of his employees and teams. He now has an overview of the company’s teams directly in his address book, he knows at a glance who’s working with who and in which location.

More important to him, he can send quickly and easily group messages to his teams about the moving. He’s able to share information about schedule changes, future moving, customers’ delivery addresses or any details they have to know to deliver great customer service.

Group messages offer him the insurance that every employee gets the right information at the right time. For John, this is really time saving so he can focus on the company’s development and satisfy real-time customers’ needs.

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