You may have read in one of our previous articles that Connect could improve the lives of Digital Moms. We wanted to deepen the study of these women who are increasingly a challenge for brands and businesses.

The phenomenon of Digital Moms appeared in the beginning of 2007. Now, the majority of American moms lead a digital life. They are technologically engaged and heavy internet users – almost 90% of these moms are going online daily. Moms realized that technology makes their lives easier.

Moms are using technology to search more often in more places for more things. They’re adopting new technologies faster than the average American. Compared with the general population, moms over-index on ownership and usage of every digital device, including laptops, digital cameras, DVRs, and gaming consoles. Increasingly connected, these women became a new key target for marketers.

Now, we let you discover details about who these women are and how they use the digital!

We can see that these connected moms are very active women who need to manage their family life and their professional life. These Digital Moms are looking for practical, easy and effective tools.

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The Connect Team