Today, we’re very happy to introduce you a new version of Connect for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! The design is optimized for a great contact management experience on your new iPhone.

Connect for iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Call

Here’s what’s new :

  • Optimisations for iPhones 6 & 6 Plus.
  • Better iOS 8 compatibility
  • You can search on all contact fields.
  • The dialer is available in the Groups tab.
  • You can organize groups alphabetically in the screen “Organize My Groups”.
  • You can create a new group in the screen “Organize My Groups”.
  • You can duplicate a group in the group’s edition screen.
  • The icon “New Group” has been improved.
  • Better performances.
  • Several bug fixes.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new release of Connect! Feel free to get in touch with us on TwitterFacebook or send us an email, we’d love to hear about you!

The update is available now, Connect for iPhone is free on the AppStore.