Nowadays, Digital Moms represent millions of women around the world (more than 30millions in the USA for example). Moms adopt new technologies faster than the average people in the world and they are also more likely to own smartphones and to shop online than the general population. 64% of moms own smartphones, 9% more than the general population.

Moms age 25-54 represent more than 20% of the online population. 70% of moms claim that technology helps them be better moms. For moms, technology is a game changer. Knowing that they are intensive users, 51% of these women describe themselves as addicted to their smartphone. Moms love to share their knowledge and experience.

They keep their smartphones by their side at all times to look up information on-the-go, post photos of their kids and stay connected with friends and family. They quickly transition to their tablet to shop online, browse family dinner recipes, and search for birthday party ideas. 97.2% give advice to others about the products and services that they have purchased.

They check email, watch videos, and read the news. They manage their family’s calendar and keep their photo memories. And finally, they have a constant desire to organize their lives and all their activities.

Managing contacts? It can sometimes be a struggle…

As active moms, you want to organize your life, your schedule and therefore your phonebook. And if you don’t, you are completely lost. Your cellphone follows you everywhere, wherever you go (except at the pool, maybe…) and you can’t turn it off. What would we do without our phone? It’s a good question…

Anyway, we need it and this little object allows us to manage our contacts on the go. But I must admit it’s not always easy to navigate, especially when we have a lot of (too much?) contacts.

At one time or another, we need to contact a person and we scroll down again, again and again but we don’t find the person we are looking for and we have to admit… it’s really annoying! Like when you need to quickly contact the doctor for your kid who is sick, or call the school, or to let your boss know you’re going to be late.

Sometimes you may also need to send group messages to several people, like when you organize a birthday party for your kid, and, unfortunately, you have to select one by one each person you want to invite … Not really convenient… Plus you may forget somebody.

Let Connect make your life easier

Connect will completely change the way you manage your contacts. It helps you make your contact management as unique as you are.

The app is free, available for iPhone, and above all, it’s exempt from any advertising. It’s available in English and in French on the AppStore.

Now, you no longer need to spend 5 minutes looking for a contact, thanks to the lists that you have created according to your needs or your interests. Searching for a contact number becomes very easy! Connect makes your contact management fast, easy and mobile-friendly. Create as many lists as you want, put as many contacts as you want in each list, delete lists, create new ones, everything is possible with Connect, the possibilities are endless. And you’ll love  the amazing fluidity and the clean design.

Thanks to the lists, you can easily separate your personal contacts and your business contacts. For example, you can organize your contacts into lists such as “family”, “friends”, “colleagues”, “student’s parents”, etc…  Now, your favorite people are always close to you. Your happiness is our happiness!

When you are on a business trip, keep your business contacts close to you by creating a list and adding the numbers directly to that list. It only takes a few seconds. Stop stressing out at the last moment when you can’t find a number! With Connect, simplify your life by listing your daily services: bank, doctor, school, office … You’ll be sure to always find them.

Many moms have already tried and approved the app. What about you? Go ahead and download it here, you’ll looove it!

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