Thierry shares Fencing Club results with Connect

Thierry, Fencing Master in Rennes (France), shares tournaments results every weekend with all Club members. He’s using Connect for months to send group messages. Group Messages every Sunday With Connect, Thierry easily imported the contacts of his iPhone and created groups with all members who asked for results updates. On Sundays evenings, Thierry can deliver the news […]

John, a business owner who gets in touch with his employees with Connect

John owns a mover company. He manages a lot of employees, all organized in teams and based in different locations, which make removals for the company’s customers. Challenges To well-drive his business, John needs to be connected with his teams every day on their mobiles because they are always moving. He needs to share quickly […]

Laura, a Project Manager who loves using Connect.

Our feedbacks users help us to make a better app for you. A few weeks ago, we received an email from Laura who asked us this, “What about making it possible to create a new list directly from the tab list? The two behaviors can be used.” We explained to her that we wanted our […]

Michael, a Baseball coach who uses Connect to manage his team.

Our feedbacks users help us to make a better app for you. So, last week, we received an email from Michael who needed help sending a group message using Connect. As we are very curious, we wanted to know in which situation he needed to send group messages. Here’s the little story: “I manage a […]

Cameron, a pet dog trainer who loves using Connect

Our feedbacks users help us to make a better app for you. The other day, we received an email from Cameron Moore* who simply asked us how to reorder contact names within lists. Then, Cameron also told to our team that it would be very useful to allow sending the same message to several groups […]

Infographic: The world of Digital Moms – 20 stats you need to know.

You may have read in one of our previous articles that Connect could improve the lives of Digital Moms. We wanted to deepen the study of these women who are increasingly a challenge for brands and businesses. The phenomenon of Digital Moms appeared in the beginning of 2007. Now, the majority of American moms lead […]

Connect, the Contact Manager which makes the life of Digital Moms better

Nowadays, Digital Moms represent millions of women around the world (more than 30millions in the USA for example). Moms adopt new technologies faster than the average people in the world and they are also more likely to own smartphones and to shop online than the general population. 64% of moms own smartphones, 9% more than […]