Connect Release for iOS 11

Dear users, We want to let you know that we release today (Oct 2nd) a new version of Connect, which fixes the bugs that appeared a few days ago. Due to iOS11 update, the app sometimes crashes for some users. With the new release, the app will work again. You’ll find the update on the […]

Zoom Feature: Add colors to your groups of contacts

We’re very happy to introduce you this fresh new feature that will make your contact management easier and will contribute to set your very own organization. Make your contact manager as unique as you are Colors are a way of categorizing your contacts, your groups. There are 10 group colors available to choose in Connect. […]

Update: What’s new in 2.4

Dear Users, Thank you for your feedbacks. We’ve improved the app to allow you to: Set up backgroud colors for your groups. See quickly the contacts without groups. Make Audio FaceTime calls, and from the contact details. Display or hide the pictures of your contacts. Share a contact from the contact details. And here’s also […]

Connect for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus is live!

Today, we’re very happy to introduce you a new version of Connect for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! The design is optimized for a great contact management experience on your new iPhone. Here’s what’s new : Optimisations for iPhones 6 & 6 Plus. Better iOS 8 compatibility You can search on all contact fields. The dialer […]

Zoom feature: create a new group

Wow, this an awesome feature we’re proud to share with you today! In the new version of Connect, you can now create a new group and add several contacts at once. Create a new group first In the Groups tab, press on the plus icon in the NavBar to create a new group. Tap the […]

Update: what’s new in 2.2

Dear Users, Thank you very much for all your feedbacks, we’ve greatly improved Connect to make it more convenient for your contact management. Today, we’re very proud to introduce Connect 2.2. Managing your groups is much more fast & enjoyable Create directly a new group and select several contacts to add in at once. Add […]

Update: What’s new in 2.1.2

Dear Users, Thank you for your feedbacks and your positive reviews! Thanks to your encouragements and feedbacks, we’re improving the app day after day. Today we are very happy to introduce you the last update of Connect: the 2.1.2. Select contacts lists from the contact form Following many discussions with you, we decided to add […]


Dear Users, Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks and positive reviews! Connect keeps getting better and we’re glad to announce several news in this update: Send group emails in CC and BCC To be completely transparent, many of you told us this feature would be very useful in your contact manager as sometimes, you […]

Update: what’s new in 2.0.1

Dear users, Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks! We’ve fixed several bugs we discussed about with you. And to allow you to send group messages to your favorite lists of contacts for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we’re glad to announce several updates in this update: Send group messages to large lists of contacts […]

Dexem Connect for iOS 7

Today, we are excited to release a major update. Dexem Connect has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. The new design makes your contact management even easier and more enjoyable. Hopefully you’ll love using it! Faster, lighter and more focused for iOS 7 Every detail of the app has been redesigned to look great for this […]