What we’ve learned from the first 1,000,000 sessions

Last week, we’ve reached the first 1,000,000 users sessions in about a year. The first part of the journey has already been amazing, and for sure there’s a lot more to come! During the past months, we had a lot of user interactions about how the app helps them to daily manage their contacts and […]

Why I sent a Tweet to every single Product Hunt upvoter

About a month ago, we had the opportunity to show up Connect for iPhone on Product Hunt. Within a day, we got more than 80 upvotes. And the cool thing is that people use their Twitter accounts to vote so it’s quite simple to thank them. Here’s what these Tweets brought to us. It feels […]

Your contacts are only yours

Contact details – especially phone numbers and email addresses – are very valuable for everybody. And this is really important for us to ensure that you understand what our app is doing with your contacts. Trust starts with transparency. You own, you decide Simply. You own your contacts so you decide what you want to […]

Enhance your contact management

Dexem Connect is a beautiful and innovative contact manager for iPhone. This app offers a delightful experience to enhance your contact management. With smooth gestures, you’ll be able to connect with your favorite people and organize your contacts into powerful lists. Here’s what we’ve built within Connect, for you. Your contacts are only yours We […]