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The other day, we received an email from Cameron Moore* who simply asked us how to reorder contact names within lists. Then, Cameron also told to our team that it would be very useful to allow sending the same message to several groups at the same time with Connect. As we are very curious, we wanted to know in which situation this feature would be required. And here’s the story:

“I am a trainer at an outdoor pet dog training club, which operates on Sunday mornings. There are 5 classes.  I put all the members of a single class in a group. I email a different programme to each class. So I need each class as a separate group. Occasionally we have to cancel classes due to torrential rain or something. But we might only need to cancel some classes – eg 3 early classes might run, but the 2 later classes need to be cancelled. It would be nice to email/message both groups in one go!”

By simply chatting with Cameron, we found a way to improve our Connect app. Now, obviously, we have to add this feature in a future release!

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Special thanks to Cameron Moore who accepts to share this story with us and to publish it!

The Connect Team

*Names have been changed